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yousmarg tour

Kashmir valley tour is a travel package which showcases the prominent valleys of Kashmir. The green valleys of Kashmir have been famous since times immortal.Today I will talk about one of the valley of Kashmir which is very famous with the people who love adventure,recreation and natural beauty this valley is called yousmarg.every person on Kashmir tour should visit this valley.

It was a month of September the beginning of autumn in Kashmir I along with my friends thought of taking a tour to yousmarg.so one day we agreed on it and were ready to go there for one night.our yousmarg tour began early one morning when we started from Srinagar in a suv car.the promising bright sunrise and the slow sufi music in the car was a great combination to start a tour.when we left highway we stopped on a shop of baker and brought hot breads. The slanting shadows of the long willows reflected in the water drenched street early morning rain has dropped the temperature and settled down all dust on this busy road.The green wet grass with animals like cows and horses and other objects began to appear as our speedy car passed through green rice fields,to my left stands a wood joinery a dog chases a car small children going to buy milk,a shopkeeper opening a wooden door of his shop.small military posts covered with barbed wires with hanging empty bottles of beer. A clump of shops jostled together, old mud houses,a cattle shed,old farmers going to visit their farm.Small patches of white clouds in clear blue sky.a boat in open waters,birds chirruping from their nests high up in the chinar trees.the exuberant pine forests,the crisp morning air with a smell of lilac and mustard.

On the way to yousmarg we stopped on our first stop it is a famous Muslim shrine of shek-ul-alam a holy saint which came from Baghdad to spread Islam in Kashmir,the shrine of chari-sherif is visited by lot of Muslim people who come here to pray.we took our essential stuff like mutton chicken and vegetables,kerosene and we began a uphill journey to yousmarg.the road was not good as in Srinagar broken in some places.we drove through the deep pine forests,the views from the car were fabulous after a drive of more than half hour we reached yousmarg as I stepped down from the car I could see the huge green meadows in front of me like a natural carpet the grass on the hedges,what a beautiful place my eyes were so bright to look at these green meadows soon we began to walk towards the tourism hut.this hut is near by the market where car stops it is a wooden hut having few rooms with attached bath.it has also a kitchen after taking a bath I had a cup of khawa the Kashmir tea made of saffron and almonds i could see the horses and sheep grazing on the slopes of meadows the big pines pointing sharply towards blue sky.my friends began to cook the dinner while I went outside the hut and found some local gujars and horsemen along with horses.I told them to take me to doodhganga river.we went through a beaten trial through woods at some places it was steep up and down track soon I could hear the calming sound of the river as I approached near doodh ganga the water was as white as milk. The cool water striking against the big boulders and stones produced a large amount of milky froth. On both sides of the river is a thick pine forest home of the black bears and leopards.this stream has brown and rainbow trouts lot of people come here for angling and fly fishing.I began to walk towards the upward direction from where the river flows.i saw some butterflies wandering on the bushes filled with flowers. The sound of birds and flowing water were so sweet to hear.soon the darkness began to fell and I began to walk to the hut.as I reached the hut it was total darkness and all my friends had come out they were looking for me.then we went inside and had a good dinner.everything was so calm outside no noise at all except the birds and insects make slow sounds.Before going to bed i saw the starry sky same as described in the painting of Vincent van gough what a beautiful sight it was.Next day I woke up and saw two gypsy women bringing milk & home cooked chapatti’s in our hut.they had also brought homemade butter,I was very happy to see the hospitality of these people.there are no concrete homes in yousmarg these people live here only for few months then shift to other place where they find enough pastures for their cattle to feed.the gypsy songs are very sweet I have heard them many times during my trips to various villages.after our breakfast we packed our stuff and left our hut.i looked back from the car and saw the valley of yousmarg calm and serene,beautiful and pretty I was wondering when will I be here again.whenever you come for Kashmir trip include yousmarg in your itinerary.we also include a tour of yousmarg in our Kashmir travel packages

Saturday, June 30, 2012

A tour of srinagar kashmir

Kashmir tour is a journey undertaken to see the beauty of Kashmir.the vast green mountains that surround the valley are always looking fresh and new.the dallake where the natural springs feed this lake, various species of fishes can be traced here.the houseboats and shikaras floating on it's blue waters. the nearby mountains reflect their beauty in this lake. it looks a great sight. lots of people live in the lake they live in wooden huts or the donga boats and rent  their houseboats to tourists.every traveler visiting Srinagar should go to the historic Muslim shrines which adore the old city of Srinagar. 

During older days Kashmir was suffering with floods and there was a lot of shortage of food mainly rice as kashmiri people like eating rice.the farmers were in debt and they have to pay huge taxes to the ruler.poor kashmiris were unemployed and there was noting to do,people were eating rice with salt,at that time it was considered a luxury item.the farmers were saying.
"bata bata payde pata"
 it means we are running after rice & tax collector is running behind us .

The holy men & saints came from different parts of Persia and settled here and helped the locals to earn their livelihood by making carpets and learning the different arts of wood carving and paper machie.these pious men were strong believers of Islam they spread Islam in valley.the shrines of these great men are decorated with old wood carvings and chandeliers.the paper machie walls reflect the expertise of art.the architecture  and the shape of these shrines is magnificent to see.

hazratbal shrine
close view of mountains

mustard Fields

kashmir has some beautiful valleys covered with rich pine forests and flowing fresh water brooks.people of Kashmir do farming they grow mustard rice. kashmir is famous for the apple and almond orchards lots of different varieties of apples grow in Kashmir.

Kashmir is a no doubt a vital place to see if you want to see some of the best natural beauty in world come for the kashmir valley tour,once you will visit the valley you would like to see all the places in a single day.the charm of the lakes and green meadows,the birds flying in azure sky,the snow covered mountains,peasant girls carrying a samovar filled with tea to the rice fields,village children playing and jumping on the haystack.

Kashmir has been known for many years as a beautiful and peaceful land far from the crowd and hustle bustle.the moderate climate of Kashmir is enjoyed by its people. in summers people go to the valleys of pahalgam,sonmarg and gulmarg because these valleys are bit cooler that the city.the cool flowing water in lidder provides a great effect on people.only the four months of winter are harsh.it starts from November to February the highlights of a winter is the snowfall.the mountains are covered in fresh snow and the Dal lake gets frozen.to see a snow fall at that time is so charming and lovely.the children pay in the snow they make different objects like snow doll.the adults also come out of their comfortable houses and begin playing with snow they through snow on each other and sing kashmiri folk songs.   

March announces the arrival of springs when the colorful flowers sprout from their buds and when the roses bloom.the mughal gardens are beautifully laid in the different shades of flowers and pink wines the green  branch of chinar trees are seen extended vividly against the blue sky.


Monday, June 11, 2012

kashmir ladakh package tour

As children we are always longing for some unique beautiful fairylands were our fantasy and imagination would takes us.we dream of beautiful rivers coming down from mountains, flower valleys dotted with different hues and colors of plants and wildflowers.same kind of scenery offers Kashmir and ladakh. these visual treats assure a traveler that he has reached a right place a perfect nirvana where his soul will find solitude and body rest. a modern day busy traveler,i will say a worn-out traveler with office work and the daily assignments,a tension & stress of climbing corporate ladder. the people who need to get away from the stress of their busy & hectic life. Kashmir and ladakh are perfect places to see.Tell me who does not want to enjoy the beauty of nature in our Kashmir ladakh package tour we offer a tour with a  mixture of rugged beauty of barren mountains of ladakh and lush green valleys of Kashmir.To travel Kashmir and ladakh together is a great trip were a traveler sees many changing landscapes and cultures,the tour starts from ladakh or Srinagar and lasts for ten days.we accommodate our guests in good hotels in ladakh and houseboats in Kashmir.in nubra valley we accommodate our guests in camps in sumoor village on the banks of river.the other places of interest which we show our guests are the famous pangong lake and the monasteries of ladakh,the leh highway is a breathtaking place for photography which winds along the river in most parts.there are lot of twists and turns on the road,you will see some old monasteries in lamayuru and in alchi these monasteries are still  visited by people.The road generally remains open for traffic from early June to October.

leh highway Nh1

on the road

a view of mountains from the road
In  the old days the road was only a small trail only open for few months of a year,now the beacon has made it very good the journey of three days have been cut short to one or two days.in leh Restrictions on civilian traffic were lifted in 1974.one of the other important place known as kargil,it  has grown into a big town with all modern facilities.travelers stay there overnight and then go to zanaskar,and leh.it has some good hotels and very big market.during your Kashmir valley tour we take care of all travel needs of our clients.we arrange SUV cabs and good drivers who guide our guests and show them different places on the way, our other family tour package called ladakh family tour you can enjoy this with your family,you can bring your family or friends with you to enjoy this tour you will see some of the best scenic places during this tour you will remember it for a long long time.since older times ladakh and Kashmir have been the two places much liked by tourists,long years before they had some of the best views of mountains and rivers and lakes to be true they still possess that unmatched  and fabulous beauty.so come and take this beautiful tour of Kashmir and ladakh.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Houseboats In Kashmir


The Dal a famous lake in Kashmir a most liked by foreigners and they wanted to settle down on this beautiful blue lake where they could enjoy their vacations as they were burned by the heat of Indian plains.
The concept of building a houseboats in kashmir came in the 18th century when the British came to Kashmir for spending their summers. Kashmir being the cool place was used as a retreat to escape the heat of northern India like Punjab, Delhi & uttar pradesh. As the British Indian army officers came with their families to Kashmir the maharaja of Kashmir denied them any land to build houses, so these smart people took water for their abode. the  houseboats came into existence. the local carpenters were hired to build the frame of houseboat,then people who knew the art of  wood carving began to carve chinar leaves, different patterns of flowers and other designs of woodwork known at that time  in the interiors of the boat.the laying and the style of walnut wood furniture was same as in Victorian England. Houseboats have since then passed from generations to generations right now there are 1500 houseboats in Dal lake and several hundred can be found in Nigeen lake and jehlum river.

lobby of a houseboat

sitting room in houseboat
inside houseboat

Mostly tourists stay in the houseboats which are located in Dal lake.this lake is very big and is well known across the world.people live in Dal lake with their families and they take care of their houseboats.every tourist who takes a  Kashmir package tour  will stay  in houseboat.newly wed couples who come for their  Honeymoon in kashmir enjoy shikara rides and they love to relax and pass their time in these boats.the people who run the houseboats are very professional and provide excellent service and hospitality to their guests.they make special wazwan meals and arrange musical programs on demand of the guest.the guests enjoy the delicious home cooked meals they prefer to eat in houseboats rather than in restaurants or roadside dhabas.

people love to stay in houseboats as they are different than hotels they provide a unique new experience to the guests and  equipped with all modern amenities and prompt services the houseboat people make sure to provide highest standards of service and support to heir guests this is the only reason they still exist till today
because they know how to make their guests happy.

Houseboat in Dal lake

Friday, May 25, 2012

Honeymoon in Kashmir

houseboats in dal-lake

 honeymoon in kashmir,Kashmir is one of the best place for a couple looking for their honeymoon. Kashmir has some beautiful valleys, verdant forests,green hills beautiful lakes,cool water streams and big mountains. for the newly married couple this place can turn out to  be a heavenly retreat where they will enjoy the bright flower arrangements and the sprinkling cool fountains of waters of the mughal gardens.they will also like a boat ride in dallake in evening hearing a chirruping of birds and the fishes leaping in water.the joyous feeling is amazing and true to the occasion.the Kashmir honeymoon can be completed in one week and you can also extend it depending on your duration of visit.The stay in houseboats can be a good option,these houseboats are aesthetically designed with wood carving and paneling,the walnut furniture adds glory and rich taste to the ambiance of these houseboats,these boats can be directly matched with some good star category hotel.they provide a good variety of  home cooked food which is very tasty and hygienic.a shikara ride can be taken during evening hours when the sun sets down and its last rays reflect in the water.it is sight of a great beauty to see the sun going down from behind the mountains.we arrange houseboat booking in kashmir for our clients in some of the best located houseboats in Dal and nigeen lake.

Going out of the Srinagar the first place I suggest is sonmarg,the road to sonmarg valley is most scenic and beautiful you will drive through corn fields and villages & a beautiful country roads, this valley has a beautiful alpine scenery with its mountain flora and fauna, fir & birch trees swaying in the cool breeze rising from the water of  sindh river.nearby sonmarg there is a thajwas glacier where ice remains around the year. 

in your tour Another famous place to visit during your honeymoon is the valley of pahalgam,this valley has some amazing scenic views, you can also indulge here in the sport of river rafting.you can also rent ponies to see some nearby valleys of baisarn and beetab,you can take a car to the  valleys of Aru and chandanwari which are equally beautiful and charming.the river flows through the aru and this village has a small number of houses and the inhabitants are merely dependent on raising cattle and tourism.this is also used as a base for many trekking to kolahai the highest mountain peak in Kashmir.

valley of pahalgam

Gulmarg cannot be missed out when you come for honeymoon tour.this small valley is situated only 40 kms from Srinagar.it is a bit high and the weather remains cool here round the year.it is famous for it's flowers and meadows.the gondola ride can be taken from gulmarg to affarwat mountain which is very pleasant and you will see good views of the valley as you go higher.from the top of the mountain you can see the nanga parbat and the thick sheets of frozen snow can be seen throughout the year tourists love to visit this place as it is high up tucked in mountains and good commanding views can be seen of the valley below, tiny villages and clump of pine forests provide excellent camera shots.there is a beautiful golf course built by the English,some good hotels are there where you can pass your night.there are some good man made parks and pony riding can be fun,If you come here in winters be prepared to see a huge snowfalls.in winters skiing is very popular here lot of ski lovers come across from the world to ski in gulmarg in the soft snow.

on way to gulmarg

yousmarg is other famous place you should visit during your honeymoon in Kashmir valley.this is a typical mountain valley with a river of doodhganga flowing in it.there are gypsy huts located near the main market and little shops which sell local goods.this valley has terrific views of mountains and meadows, lush pine forests,you can also opt for horse riding here to doodhganga river.night stay in not recommended as it doesn't have much accommodation,there are few huts of forest department and tourism department. 

for other tours of Kashmir with your family and friends you can see our Kashmir valley tour.

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kashmir valley tour

lidder river in pahalgam
Adventure in Kashmir

from the poets majestic poetry to the emperor Jahangir's  first visit of valley,Kashmir has set a example of being a true paradise on earth.if heaven could be on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here,these were the words uttered by the famous poet firdous when he was struck by the raw beauty of the Kashmir valley.high up in the quiet Himalayas lie the two jewels of India Kashmir and ladakh both places are diverse in natural setting,customs,heritage,traditions, people and language yet they share one similar thing between themselves and that is the mesmerizing, eye capturing,stunning,awesome beauty of huge mountains rivers and lakes.first i will start with the tour of Kashmir.

Kashmir tour

The land  no other than  Kashmir is a land of love & mystic lore,a place where people love each other and live in harmony,they show sympathy and mankind to fellow beings who are in trouble.a land  as rich as gold and  the people helpful &  gentle and kind,  tourism being the main source of income for the people.the kashmiri love and respect their guests.there is a abundance of natural beauty found around lakes and small hills & the tall lofty mountains and blue sky wrap this valley like a blanket.the snow cold streams coming down from glaciers, green vegetation's,almond orchards,apple gardens,pine grooves,rice fields and mighty chinar trees make this place a heaven on earth.one of the famous lakes the Dal lake is a huge lake in Srinagar where houseboats can be seen,people live in these houseboats which float on water.these were made by the British when they came to Kashmir. Kashmir is a place were every person wishes to stay forever, it has the idyllic charm and peaceful environment best suited for travelers looking for some quite place were they can relax and pass their time in the lap of nature. the other places to visit in Srinagar are mughal gardens of nishat,shalimar and chashma shahi these beautiful gardens were made by mughals.driving out from Srinagar there are places like pahalgam,sonmarg,gulmarg,manasbal these places are very beautiful valleys where tourists can go and stay for some nights there is lot of accommodation available in pahalgam,sonmarg and gulmarg.we provide Kashmir valley tour where you can visit all these beautiful valleys and get blessed by the natural beauty and fresh air.

Ladakh tour

the land of ladakh is a true shangrilla.different from Kashmir in landscape and culture but it has its unique beauty and identity which is known across the world.the gompas or the monasteries are the beacon of knowledge and faith for the ladakhi people. the drive to ladakh is fabulous, it  starts from Srinagar via sonmarg,kargil,mulbeth,lamayuru. Ladakh has some of the highest motorable mountain passes.during the winters the highway closes with snow and ladakh becomes cutoff from rest of the world. Ladakh has some of the most ancient Buddhist monasteries were monks come to live and study,these monasteries are  very old and  ladakhi people send their children their to gain knowledge of religion and philosophy. ladakh is also famous for adventure tourism and trekking  it provides activities like river rafting,jeep safari,trekking,camel safari. some of the most famous places to visit in ladakh are nubra valley and pangong lake,this blue brackish lake lies between china and India. the leh palace below in the picture is  modeled on the potala palace in Lhasa Tibet.built by sengge namgyal  in 17 Th Ce. it once accommodated the royal family.
leh palace ladakh